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1. Notice of Disapproval Notification of Additional Demolition Activities for Second Quarter 2011

2. Disapproval Closure Plan for TA 16-399 Open Burn Unit and Burn Tray

3. Fee Assessment Request for Certificates of Completion for Three Solid Waste Management Units in Guaje/Barrancas/Rendija Canyons Aggregate Area

4. Notice of Disapproval TA-63 Transuranic Waste Facility Permit Modification Request Revision 2.0

5. Review Technical Approach for Calculating Recreational Soil Screening Levels for Chemicals, Revision 2

6. Approval with Modification Completion Report for Regional Aquifer Well R-62

7. Notice of Disapproval Investigation Report for Lower Mortandad/Cedro Canyons Aggregate Area

8. Response to Solid Waste Management Unit Assessment Report for the Pit 38 Newly Identified Area of Concern

9. Disapproval Investigation Report for Area of Concern 01-007(k) in the Upper Los Alamos Canyon Aggregate Area

10. Approval with Modifications Interim Facility-Wide Groundwater Monitoring Plan for the 2015 Monitoring Year, October 2014-September 2015