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1. Site discharge pollution prevention plan for Los Alamos National Laboratory NPDES permit no. NM0030759, February 14, 2011 vol. 3 Pajarito watershed

2. NPDES permit number NM0030759 - submittal of certification of baseline control measures completion for 57 site monitoring areas, dated February 11, 2011

3. Airborne plutonium from early Los Alamos facilities

4. Ecorisk database (release 3.0) October 2011 (MS access)

5. Winter and breeding bird surveys at Los Alamos National Laboratory 2010-2011, progress report

6. Response to the Notice of Disapproval for the Investigation Work Plan for Chaquehui Canyon Aggregate Area, Revision 1

7. Investigation Report for Lower Sandia Canyon Aggregate Area

8. Remedy completion report for upper Los Alamos canyon aggregate area, former technical area 32, revision 1

9. Response to the notice of disapproval for the supplemental interim measure report, solid waste management unit 01-001(f)

10. Work plan to stabilize the eastern end of Sandia Canyon