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1. 2012 Update to the Site Discharge Pollution Prevention Plan, Revision 1 Los Alamos National Laboratory NPDES Permit No. NM0030759 LA-UR-13-22770 May 1, 2013 Overview

2. NPDES permit number NM0030759 - submittal of certification of baseline control measures completion for 67 site monitor areas, dated December 16, 2010

3. Title V Semi - annual monitoring report for permit P100-R1

4. Bayo Canyon Aggregate Area Hot Spot Removal Field Implementation Plan

5. Geochemistry of Perched Saturation at Solid Waste Management Unit 03-010(a) and Area of Concern 03-001(e)

6. Demolition Notification for Quarter Ending March 30, 2014

7. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan TA-60 Material Recycling Facility

8. Erosion controls associated with fishladder canyon [solid waste management unit 16-003(o)]

9. Periodic monitoring report for White Rock watershed, September 22-October 1, 2990

10. SWEIS yearbook - 2008